Morbido Merchandise Private Limited is a Merchant. It is an International Business Division arm that specializes in Construction Chemicals and Exports and Imports of : Textiles, Petrochemicals and Plastic Products both; Industrial and Domestic. It is a 100% subsidiary of CDG Petchem Limited.

    About Business

With a high grasp on the Domestic Petrochemical and Industrial Plastic Products market, Morbido Merchandise Private Limited, the international Business Division of Chandantara Dugar Group, concerns itself with catering to demands of Construction Industries such as: Superplasticizers and other range of admixtures for pre-cast and ready mix concrete and more.It is also concerned with  export/import of ; Textiles, Petrochemicals and Industrial Plastic Products such as PE, PP, PVC Sheets, Rods, Bars,Pipes and Packaging Films(such as CPP 3 & 5 Layer, Stretch, Shrink) and PVC compounds.


Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals are a range of concentrated chemicals that are combined into concrete as admixtures to provide superior effects ranging from Water Reduction, Slump Retention, Air Entraining, Defoaming To Early Strengthening and hybridized solutions. The Polycarboxylate superplasticizer admixtures are designed to morph specific or multiple traits in cement pastes, in order to meticulously meet the area of application.
  • UFL-AWR 350: Medium Range Water Reduction
  • UFL-VAR 570: High Range Water Reduction
  • UFL-VAR 500: Water Reduction for Precast Concrete
  • UFL-RW N6: Water Reduction/Slump Retaining (Hybrid Superplasticizer for RMC)
  • UFL-MAW 600: Slump Retaining Superplasticizer
  • UFL-MAW 700: Super Slump Retaining Superplasticizer
  • UFL-MAS 50: High Early Strength for RMC & Precast Concrete
  • UFL-VAK 51: Low Viscosity Superplasticizer for Water Reduction & Slump Retention
  • UFL-VAM 514: Water Reduction & Slump Retention Plasticizer
  • UFL-AFK3: Defoaming Agent

Water Reducing Construction Chemicals

Other Construction Chemicals

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