About Shri. Manoj Dugar

He did not wait for the opportunity to knock at his door. He went about creating opportunities. Mr. Manoj Dugar has always looked at life and the challenges it throws with a positivity. Where others see obstacles, he saw opportunities. He worked his way through the maze of activities before finding his destiny. His rich experience stems from working with: Readymade Garments and Hosiery Trading, Part-time accounting Jobs, Metal Forging, Iron and Steel Fabrication, Share Trading, Garments lining and Fusing to Petrochemicals.

Mr. Manoj Dugar’s Message

“There are three things that I have learnt in my life and they have become my life’s philosophy, these are: If you are sincere to yourself, you’ll be sincere to your job. Dignity of labour is not just a slogan, it is an attitude-a positive attitude. Transparency in your work, emphasis on quality, adhering to timelines are the denominators that differentiate the leaders from the also ran. To me and my team, these are not merely the mantras of success, but a way of life.”

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